ASSASSIN’S CREED ORIGINS – Patch 1.03 inkl. HDR-Support erschienen

Ubisoft hat heut den bereits angekündigten HDR-Support für Assassin’s Creed Origins mit dem Patch 1.03 veröffentlicht.

Der Patch ist ca. 1,6GB großWir haben wie immer die Patch-Notes in englischer Sprache für Euch:


  • Improved various cinematic transitions
  • Improved level of detail during several cinematic sequences
  • Fixed issue with the interaction with NPC’s the Cat and Mouse quest
  • Fixed out bound issues in Present Day


  • Added parry ability to Aya playable character
  • Improved playable character, NPC’s, and animal navigation
  • Balanced damages when executing an Overpower Chain Throw
  • Prevented sandstorm from appearing over water
  • Prevented playable character from changing stance during dialogue scenes
  • Fixed various issues with the playable character being stick in overheat stance, in haystack, or in the world geometry under certain circumstances
  • Fixed issue preventing players from picking up arrows in certain circumstances
  • Fixed issue preventing players from interacting with loot bags dropped inside cages
  • Fixed issue where screen would briefly turn black when entering plause menu in Stone Circle activity
  • Fixed issue where the thrown weapon could sometimes not hit the intended enemy when using the Overpower Chain Throw ability
  • Fixed issue with Critical attack ability where playable character could sometimes not reach his target
  • Fixed issue with caged lions attacks not dealing any damage
  • Fixed issue with Ledge assassination on sleeping enemies
  • Fixed issue with Sickle swords, heavy blunt & scepter classes not able transition from Charged heavy attack to Charged light attack
  • Fixed visual effect on Sickle sword’s charged light attack
  • Fixed issue where arrows could sometimes not hit a moving enemy when locked on him
  • Fixed some inconsistencies when using the Parry ability with Sickle swords
  • Fixed weapon rotation when releasing a Charged heavy attack
  • Fixed camera movement when being on a to an enemy
  • Fixed issue where the playable character could lost health when parrying
  • Fixed issue with Captains throwing knives not dealing damage

User interface

  • Added back button icon to locked menu pages
  • Added category filters in the gear page of the store
  • Added a completed activity panel to some activity location
  • Added indication of the currently equipped gear in the shop upgrade menu
  • Added a hold gauge to Follow Road input representation
  • Improved Photo mode grid to follow Rule of Thirds principle
  • Improved the loot icon when purchasing a Heka Chest
  • Reduced text size in Arena wave display to prevent display issues in some languages
  • Disabled photo mode when in Stone Circles
  • Disabled critical messages when in Photo mode
  • Fixed some critical messages from appearing even if HUD is set to minimal
  • Fixed health bar display when aiming at Ptolemaic Champions
  • Fixed mission Quest icon in Daily Quest
  • Fixed issue preventing research folders from opening in Present Day menu
  • Fixed material icons display when deploying Senu
  • Fixed ellipsis glyph in Japanese, Korean, and Traditional Chinese fonts
  • Fixed various visual and functionality, menu issues

Graphics & Audio

  • Added HDR TV Support


  • Improved stability and performance

Assassin’s Creed Origins erschien weltweit am 27. Oktober 2017 für die Xbox One Produktfamilie von Microsoft inklusive Xbox One, Xbox One S sowie für Xbox One X, sobald diese am 7. November 2017 veröffentlicht wird, für die PlayStation 4  Pro, PlayStation 4 und Windows PC.

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