BATTLEBORN – Patch 1.07 erschienen

2K und Gearbox Software spendierten ihren MOBA Battleborn den Patch 1.07. Mit diesem Patch wird das Spiel unter anderem auf die Gratis Testversion vorbereitet.

Der Patch ist 21,193GB groß und wir haben für euch die Patch-Notes in englischer Sprache:



  • All Skins and Taunts are now available for players to preview in the Dojo

Training & New Player Experience

We want to give all new players – especially you who have joined us through the Battleborn Free Trial – a much improved entry in to the Battleborn Versus matches! With so much depth, it takes a few games to get your feet wet and to master the basics you’ll need to succeed against experienced players. To help with that, we’re changing how new players begin their Battleborn experience.

Versus Prologue

All new players must now play through the Versus Prologue before gaining access to the other multiplayer queues. While this training focuses on „Incursion“, it also trains many of the core concepts of Versus Battleborn, including the Helix system, minions, buildables, and which button you push to Return to Base for instant healing! (By the way – it’s „B“ on PC and „D-Pad Down“ on Xbox One and PS4).

Novice Queues & Command Rank Restrictions

With the update, we want new Battleborn players to have the best chance possible at finding matches closer to their skill level. So, we are introducing „Novice“ queues for players below Command Rank 20.

After completing the Versus Prologue, new players will unlock new queues as they gain command ranks.

  • Command Rank 1-2 (after Versus Prologue)
    • „Novice Versus“ – Incursion maps Versus Bots
  • Command Rank 3
    • „Novice Incursion (5v5) – Match against other novice players (below CR 20)
  • Command Rank 5
    • „Novice Quick Match (5v5)“ – Meltdown, Capture, and Face-Off maps matched against other novice players (below CR 20)
  • Command Rank 10
    • „Bots Battle“ replaces „Novice Versus“ – Play against Bots matched with players of any command rank.
  • Command Rank 20
    • All regular Versus queues.

Novice queues will be unavailable to players above command rank 20, even if they are in groups of players of lower command rank. Players below command rank 20 can join a group with a higher command rank player and be matched into the regular queues; however, novice players cannot match into those queues themselves.

Boosters / Consumables

We made a few quality-of-life changes to Boost UI, adding widgets to the Command Menu AND the front end to let you know which boosts are running and how much longer they will last.

Also, we’ve added a new type of Boost available to Trial players called the „Battle Pass“ booster. The „Battle Pass“ will grant you access to Private Matches, and will temporarily unlock enough characters for Private Matches to allow you to participate in Draft Mode tournaments.

  • Active Boosters are now displayed in the Command Menu
  • Added a Battle Pass Booster


Gear Flair

HATS! HORNS! EARS! Oh, my! We’ve added a new visual Gear Flair system to Battleborn! Hunt down visual aesthetic customization enhancements to make your favorite Battleborn look SWANK! Flair has a random chance to be added to any gear item. To wear a piece of Flair, activate that Gear item within any match or mission.


Want a way to celebrate each competitive KO with a bang? Finishers let you do just that! Finishers are purchased boosts which will add special FX to a player kill anytime you secure the KO. Pick up a Finisher today and celebrate the sweet taste of victory!

  • Fireworks Finisher: Replaces the player kill beam visual FX with a flashy fireworks display!
  • Something Fishy Finisher: Replaces the player kill beam visual FX with a pile of rotten fish, now with extra-taunt flavor!
  • Dance Off Finisher: Replaces the player kill beam visual FX with sparkling disco ball, as you dance your way to the top!
  • „I Heart“ Finisher: Replace the player kill beam visual FX with hearts, smiles, and flowers as you send your love to your defeated foe!

Character Role Specialization

We want to bring more emphasis to our three character archetypes: Attacker, Defender, and Supporter. While we have always tried to maintain versatility with our Battleborn, we will be taking several steps to create more noticeable differences between the broad categories of characters.

Our first change in this direction is to tweak global attack and defense numbers when fighting non-player enemies, such as bots, sentries, thrall, and any enemy in a Story Mission. Attacker characters will get a general damage boost against non-players, and Defenders will take less damage against non-players allowing them to feel more „tanky“.

  • Attackers deal 15% more damage to non-Battleborn enemies
  • Defenders take 15% less damage from non-Battleborn enemies



Founder’s Pack

As a „thank you“ to all the players who have joined us for the last year of Battleborn, we dub you „Founders“! We’re giving you several gifts to say thank you in a very tangible way, but the Founder’s Loot pack is one of the coolest parts. As a Founder, the Founder’s Pack will show up in your Command > Gear inventory and opening it will give you the following rewards:

  • 1 random Legendary gear item,  with guaranteed Flair
  • 1 random Legendary gear item from Story Mission boss drops,  with guaranteed Flair
  • 2 common or better gear items,  with guaranteed Flair
  • 1 exclusive Founder’s Legendary gear item the „Shard of Solus“, with exclusive Founder Flair
    • Insert Picture
  • Founder’s Crown flair

Magnus Pack

For the serious customization collector, Magnus Packs are now available in the Marketplace for purchase with Platinum! Each Magnus Pack contains the following:

  • 1 Rare or higher gear item, with guaranteed Flair
  • 2 Common or higher gear items, with guaranteed Flair
  • 1 guaranteed Common Skin or Taunt
  • Chance for a Premium Skin or Taunt


  • Dramatically reduced the amount of critical hits from NPCs, thralls, and minions. Critical Hits are mostly reserved for Players and Bots now, with few exceptions.
  • Minions are no longer stunned when Blindedor
  • Any unused Hero Keys will automatically unlock a locked DLC character or, if all DLC characters are unlocked, be exchanged for 47,500 Credits per unused Hero Key.


  • Made optimizations to reduce the performance impact of Deande’s Holotwinskill activation




Along with the Character Role specialization changes, we’ve taken a number of steps to reign in some abilities that provided unintended advantages for particular characters. Chief among these was the amount of Damage Amp available to certain team compositions. While the previous values were appropriate for single target Damage Amp abilities, we concluded that Damage Amp abilities that can easily be applied to multiple targets should be toned down.

  • Reduced the Damage Amplification of AoE abilities from 16% to 8%
  • Characters with physical shields can no longer block while turning in Masks in Face-off


Alani is still performing as an extremely powerful character, very strong in both support an attack roles. We are making a few adjustments to bring her back in line with other Support characters, and to take a bit of the edge from her strength as a ranged attacker. While she can still play the hybrid attacker / healer role, our intent is to remove some of the lane dominance from her current play.

  • Reduced base attack damage of Torrentby 10% (from 63 to 57 at level 1)
  • Adjusted Wellspringheal amount when healing with Osmosis stacks (level 1 values below):
    • Zero Osmosisstacks: no change
    • One Osmosis stack: 225 to 180
    • Two Osmosis stacks: 394 to 315
    • Three Osmosis stacks: 674 to 450


While we have been happy with the results from the previous re-work of Attikus, we feel that his Pounce needed a bit more punch to ground him as a melee initiator. We’re increasing the size of the damage radius caused by Pounce making it easier to land, but adding damage falloff to that radius so that you are still rewarded for skilled placement of the Pounce. Since he is such a big target for up-front brawling, we’re boosting his health a bit. As well, we’re giving players more options for lowering skill cooldowns to increase his effectiveness at initiating with a burst.

  • Increased the AoE of Pounceby 33%
  • Added damage falloff to Pounce
  • Increased base health by 10% (from 2440 to 2678 at level 1)
  • Changed functionality of Level 5 Right Helix Augment Hedronic Haste:
      • Using a Fully Charged skill reduces Attikus‘ active cooldowns by 30%
  • Reduced the AoE increase granted by Level 8 Left Helix Augment Big Splash from 50% to 33%.
  • Increased Level 10 Mutation Payback Timefrom up to +60 damage to up to +120 damage
  • Re-named Rank 20 title to „Daddikus„. You’re welcome, r/Battleborn!


Even after some earlier adjustments, Beatrix is still far more lethal than is good for a strong support, especially with access to Silence at low levels. We’re reducing her base attack damage, and the damage of Patient Zero and Plague Rat to help mitigate her effectiveness as a damage dealer. We’re also decreasing her health a small amount to bring her in line with other Support characters.

Most importantly, we’re changing the way Fulminate works. The Silence duration is now split across each of the Fulminate projectiles as a stacking value. While it is still possible to silence a character for 3 seconds, it now requires you to focus a single player to maximize the duration. Previously, the full value applied to each target hit, meaning you could silence an entire group at range for the full duration. You will still be able to use Fulminate as a group interrupt (from the short-duration Silence), but it is no longer possible to apply such a long Silence to an entire group.

  • Each projectile inFulminate now silences for a portion of the 3 second duration
  • Reduced the base attack damage ofIncistyx Injector by 20% (from 42 to 38 at level 1)
  • Reduced base health by 10% (from 1010 to 915 at level 1)
  • Reduced Patient Zerodamage from 70/s to 35/s at level 1
  • Reduced Level 5 Left Helix Augment Plague Ratdamage from 25 per second to 20


  • The Level 1 Right Helix Augment Crash Helmet will now only grant an overshield after successfully hitting an enemy with Boldurdash

El Dragón

El Dragón is still lower on both win rate and average kills than we would expect from an attacker. However, in higher-skill play, we still see cases where a well-supported El Dragón can be very effective. We want to create a bit more independence for him, so we’re adding stacking damage reduction to his Passive ability. Now, as El Dragón engages in his principal play loop –defeating enemies and gaining stacks of Undisputed Champion— he will increase in damage dealing and damage reduction. This should give him the edge he needs to survive more of his attack runs as a skirmisher, but requires him to still work for it. As a last note, if you want to maximize survivability, Level 5 Left Helix Augment Heavyweight still grants additional stacking damage bonus IN ADDITION to that gained from Undisputed Champion making him even harder to kill.

  • Each stack of Undisputed Champgrants 2% damage reduction and 2% primary attack damage
  • Level 5 Left Helix AugmentHeavyweight now rewards an additional 1.5% damage reduction per stack down from 3%


Ernest has been gaining a lot of benefit from splash damage on his grenades, requiring less skill than we would prefer to master his potential for damage. We are removing the damage bonus from splash damage of his Direct Hit passive, but increasing the damage dealt to the target. Well-aimed grenades still have the ability to be very effective, but will no longer spread that bonus to every target in a nearby radius.

  • Changed the functionality of Direct Hitand increased the damage dealt from 15% to 30%:
      • Grenades that directly hit an enemy deal 30% additional damage to the target hit
  • Changed the functionality of Level 5 Left Helix Augment Shellshocker:
      • Direct Hit wounds enemies caught in the blast for a brief time. +1 Second Wound Duration
  • Changed the functionality of Level 5 Mutation The Ol‘ Razzle-Dazzle:
      • Landing a Direct Hit marks the target. Direct Hit deals increased damage to marked enemies, consuming the mark
  • Changed the functionality of Level 5 Right Helix Augment Expedited Explosives:
      • Landing a Direct Hit reduces Explosive Charge’s cooldown


Oh, Galilea. The legend of the Wraith of Bliss has continued to cast fear in the hearts of opponents. With this round of changes, our intent is to continue to tune Galilea more strongly into her role as territorial defender, still allowing her to be strong, but restricting where she can wield that strength. With these changes, Galilea players will need to focus more on maintaining Corruption, and will need to be more precise with the timing and use of Desecrate to gain her full advantage.

Corruption is getting an overhaul. The radius is shrinking, and we are doubling the amount of stacks Galilea has to gain to achieve the same bonus. It will take Galilea longer to get to the full benefit of Corruption, and she must be more diligent about staying in active combat to maintain those stacks.

We’re also changing the default benefit from Desecration from Damage Amplication to Slow. Galilea will still be strong within her Desecrate AoE, and will have more ability to use melee to hunt down foes. That should require more skill than the benefit from damage amplification which allowed her to close in and swing wildly close in for big spikes of damage.

Lastly of note, we like the fun of It’s Dangerous to Go Alone and the ability for Galilea to finish off ranged targets (especially in Story missions). However, we noticed many Galilea players exploiting this additional attack for more burst damage at close range. So, we’re reducing the amount of damage done by this skill at close range to make it less reliable as an augmentation for melee-range damage output.

  • Reduced the AoE of Corruption by 20%
  • Increased Corruption stacks from 20 to 40
  • Melee attacks gain 1 stack of Corruption
  • Skills gain 5 stacks of Corruption
  • DesecrateSlows enemies by default rather than applying Damage Amplification
  • Skill usage is no longer interrupted when pulled by Level 1 Mutation Vortex
  • Level 3 Right Helix Augment It’s Dangerous to Go Alone projectiles deal less damage at close range
  • Changed the functionality of Level 4 Mutation Bleak Quiet:
      • While standing in Desecrate, Galilea takes reduced damage. +30% Damage Reduction
  • Changed the functionality of Level 5 Left Helix Augment Last Light to scale Health Regeneration based on Corruption:
      • Health Regeneration now scales up as Corruption grows. Up to +21 Health Regeneration per Second
  • Reduced the reflect chance granted by Level 7 Left Helix Augment Mirror Knightfrom 35% to 25%
  • Changed the conditional on Level 7 Right Helix Augment Duelist:
      • Increases the damage of Galilea’s Greatsword attacks while in Desecrate. +18% Damage
  • Changed the functionality of Level 8 Left Helix Augment Inescapable Fate:
      • Enemies standing in Desecrate fields are weakened. -30% Damage Dealt
  • Changed the functionality of Level 8 Right Helix Augment The Black Wind Howls:
      • Enemies standing in Desecrate take additional damage from all sources. +8% Damage Amplification
  • Level 8 Mutation Blight Town increases the AoE ofDesecrate by 25% down from 50%

Kid Ultra

Kid Ultra has been a powerful support / damage hybrid, but like several other support characters, we find his damage output too high given his other strengths. We’re applying a small damage reduction to his primary attack, and also dropping down the damage from the Bola Snare on multiple targets to reduce his effectiveness at multi-target damage.

  • Reduced the base damage of Rocket Gauntlet and Rocket Vortex by 10% (from 54 to 49 per rocket at level 1)
  • Bola Snareprojectiles now deal 33% less damage after hitting the first target
  • Reduced the damage over time granted by Level 1 Left Helix Augment Pain Compliancedamage from 213/2s to 107/2s


  • Adjusted the damage fall-off of Custom Machine Pistolto be consistent with that of similar weapons


While Montana does a great job of filling his role as a Defender capable of tanking and pushing waves, his sustained damage output was a bit higher than we’d like to see from a Defender. Increased Heat generation will entice Montana players to be more conscientious of their Heat level and the ways they interact with it. Additionally, Big Payback was capable of being the highest single instance of damage in the game in extreme situations. By soaking up focused fire or Sentry blasts, Montana could one-shot entire teams with Big Payback, so we’ve put cap on the amount of damage the blast can deal.

  • Level 10 Left Helix Augment Big Payback now deals a maximum of 750 damage to nearby enemies
  • Increased the rate at which Heat is generated by 20%
  • Reduced the accuracy bonus granted by Level 1 Left Helix Augment Weather Manfrom 50% to 40%


Orendi is very close to where we would like most Attackers to be in regards to kills, damage, and wins. With this update, we are taking a small edge off her primary attack.

Pillarstorm is also getting some adjustment. Even though Pillarstorm typically only shows up late game and requires special circumstances for it to be most effective, when the stars align it has been devastating. So, we’re reducing the size of the additional Pillars making it far harder to gain the advantage from overlapping damage. We’re also dramatically reducing the targeting area of Pillarstorm. Previously, Pillarstorm targeted every Battleborn in a radius around Orendi, making it an automatic hit on any enemy near her. Now, Pillarstorm will only trigger on enemies hit by Paradigm Shift, effectively constraining it to a thick, straight beam.

  • Reduced attack damage of primary and secondary attack Chaos Bolts  by 10% (from 48/23 to 44/21 at level 1)
  • Reduced the size of the Pillars spawned by Level 10 Mutation Pillarstorm by 50%
  • Pillarstorm now only places Shadowfire Pillars under enemies in the area of Paradigm Shift


As usual, we’re making a few changes (Bola’s Target Finder, I’m looking at you!) and bug fixes to gear. As well, we’ve made a few sweeping changes that should alter the gear landscape in what we feel are interesting ways.

Legendary gear items have received a lot of feedback, and have often been hard to balance, especially as they were constrained to a fixed activation cost of 1800 shards. As activation cost is of our primary methods of balancing for gear strength, we found this restriction to be…restrictive.    So, with this update, Legendary gear activation costs now scale with the random level of the gear. That means you will see some lower-powered Legendaries with lower costs, hopefully increasing the effectiveness of some previously overlooked gear items. Also, we now have the ability to adjust cost on a “per legendary” basis, so we’ll be using that as a tool going forward to help balance out Legendary Gear.

With that change, all Character Lore Legendary items are now iLvl 100, or „max roll“ legendaries. We found that only a handful of character legendaries were being used with any regularity, and would like more of them to feel valuable to players. This is part of the solution to achieving that.

  • Added Operation Specific Commander packs so players have more control over the legendaries they’re hunting for
  • Legendary gear activation costs now scale with gear iLvl
  • Characters Legendaries are now max item level
  • Bola’s Target Finder: Legendary effect amplifies skill damage only
  • Bola’s Target Finder: Legendary effect requires a minimum amount of damage
  • Firmware Update 1.51C: Added a 15 second internal cooldown on the legendary effect


  • Made Command Rank, Profile Name, Earned Currency, Premium Currency, and Active Boosters visible while on the Main Menu



Simply put, our Incursion sentries have been pretty dumb, often neglecting to protect their assigned areas. So, we’ve upgraded them. Sentries will now be more vigilant at finding, tracking and damaging enemy targets, they will be less vulnerable to interruption, and they will re-evaluate their targeting priorities more frequently and from further away.

Along with this change, our big NPCs are getting a scaling health buff to keep them viable as the match progresses. Thralls and Super Minions have always been intended to be „tide turners“ in battle, and with this update, they should be more effective in that role.

  • Sentry Improvements
    • Sentries no longer flinch when hit with Skills
    • Increased Sentry targeting distance
    • Sentries more accurately prioritize targets that are in line of sight
    • Sentries are now immune to Weaken, Damage Amp, and Wound
  • Thrall Crusher, Thrall Guard, and Super Minion health and damage increases every 3 minutes


  • Super Minion health and damage now increases every 2 minutes


Our attempt to improve the tie-breaking mechanic in matches did not yield the results we desired. Our goal was to provide more tangible ways for players to contribute to tie-breakers, especially in Incursion where ties between evenly-matched teams are fairly common. In doing so, we changed which stats appeared on the default screen of the scoreboard to coincide with the tie-breaking stats to help players understand which stats were important to track for securing a win.

After listening to discussion and re-evaluating our design, we determined that our changes weren’t achieving our goals. Some stats which were useful to players for gauging the heart of gameplay were hidden. Some stats were being used for tie-breaker evaluation that weren’t as important for the game mode. Some stats (like Damage Taken) were debatable about whether high stats or low stats were best. And we found some bugs in how some stats were being evaluated.

While we are sticking with the tie-breaker mechanic for now, we have re-evaluated the used and displayed stats for each game mode and are making changes on which stats are evaluated for tie-breaker victories.

  • Replaced Healing Givenstat with Shards
  • Replaced Buildables Builtstat with Objects Built
  • The seven in-game stats are displayed on the first page of stats in the Post-Match Statistics tab
  • Incursion: Replaced Sentry Killswith Objects Built on the scoreboard
  • Incursion:  Replaced Damage Takenwith Minions Killed on the scoreboard
  • Incursion: Added Sentry Damageto post-match statistics
  • Meltdown: Replaced Damage Takenwith Objects Built on the scoreboard
  • Capture: Replaced Damage Takenwith Points Defended on the scoreboard
  • Face-Off: Replaced Damage Takenwith Varelsi Killed on the scoreboard



  • Supply Stations are Tier 3 at the beginning of the match


  • Supply Stations are Tier 3 at the beginning of the match


  • Added Bot support for Pendles, Ernest, Kid Ultra, and Beatrix
  • Bots can now use all Marketplace Skins and Taunts

Quality of Life

  • Added a confirmation dialog box when selecting or banning a character
  • After selecting a character, the Loadout tab is displayed instead of the Skin tab
  • Single Boosts are no longer displayed under the Bundles tab in the Marketplace
  • Added a Blind Pick option to character select
  • Fixed an issue on PC that caused the Gear Bank to scroll when attempting to select an item by clicking on it.
  • Added a Taunt button prompt to character select
  • Character confirmation dialogs do not close when a teammate selects a character
  • Added screen message call-outs for specific game mode events



  • Stunned enemies can now be knocked back
  • Beatrix: Adjusted weight so that she reacts properly when hit with knockbacks
  • Beatrix: Fixed an issue with Beatrix’s Melancholic Medic skin when using Fulminateor Patient Zero
  • Beatrix: Outbreaknow only lasts for its remaining duration when spreading to additional targets
  • El Dragón: The projectiles from Level 10 Right Helix Augment Dragonfirenow deal damage when reflected
  • El Dragón: Level 2 Right Helix Augment Momentumdoes not trigger when using Dragon Splash on shard clusters
  • Ernest: UPR-G73 Grenade Launcherprojectiles deal damage when reflected
  • Kelvin: Fixed an issue with Level 6 Left Helix Augment Windchillthat prevented Kelvin from stunning more than three enemies
  • Kid Ultra: Fixed an issue that caused rocket attacks to gain more damage than intended each level
  • Montana: Level 9 Mutation The Coolerdisplays the appropriate icon
  • Orendi: Fixed an issue which could cause Orendi to lose primary and secondary attack functionality when using Shadowfire Pillar
  • Orendi: Fixed an issue that allowed Paradigm Shiftto deal full damage in multiple areas
  • Pendles: The cast bar timer for Miasmawill deactivate if the skill is interrupted.
  • Phoebe: Level 4 Right Helix Augment Raddoppio no longer reduces the cooldown of Blade Rushwhen reflected
  • Phoebe: Fixed an issue which could cause Phoebe to lose functionality when using Phasegate
  • Shayne and Aurox: Aurox can no longer be destroyed by other projectiles
  • Shayne and Aurox: Aurox can now properly destroy shard barrels and open chests
  • Toby: Level 10 Left Helix Augment Triple Charge pushes Toby away when reflected instead of pulling him closer
  • Toby: Fixed an issue that caused Level 3 Left Helix Augment Targeting Overlayto highlight enemies inconsistently
  • Whiskey Foxtrot:Overdrive remains fully automatic when Level 7 Right Helix Augment When Three Just Isn’t Enough is activated while his Ultimate is active


  • Fixed an issue that caused gear to appear purchasable after activation
  • Beneficial CC effects are not affected by CC Reduction Gear
  • Bola’s Target Finder: Has an appropriate entry on the death recap screen
  • Corpse Reviver: Fixed an issue that caused some Rare versions to appears as Epic versions
  • Doomsday Key: All item-level variants now award appropriate Attack Speed values for the Legendary effect
  • Mini-Singularity Launcher: Fixed an issue where players could become permanently slowed by the Legendary effect
  • Mini-Singularity Launcher: The Legendary effect no longer slows the player who activated the gear
  • Oath of the Sustained: Has an appropriate entry on the death recap screen
  • RDC Ground-Pounders: Legendary effect can be triggered by minions
  • Phlogiston Propulsor: Fixed an issue that caused enemies to be knocked back in the wrong direction
  • Poor „M-Pulse“ Controller: An appropriate entry appears on death recap screen
  • Solar Sustainer: The increased attack damage from the Legendary effect of only triggers when the healing provided is greater than 0
  • Stolen Edge of Arcvynorr: Stacks from the legendary effect properly decay after 5 seconds

Game Modes

  • Meltdown Finale: Fixed an issue that prevented Ultra Minions from spawning during the Finale

Versus Maps

  • Snowblind: Fixed multiple collision issues

Story Maps

  • Prologue: Fixed an issue that allowed  Mellka to become stuck on top of the S1.Huntsman Sentry
  • Toby’s Friendship Raid: Deande’s Holotwin cannot cause the player to fail the side objective „Avoid Taking damage from MX.Boom Bots“
  • Phoebe and the Heart of Ekkunar: Fixed an issue that allowed the boss to die prematurely causing a blocker
  • Phoebe and the Heart of Ekkunar:  Players cannot become stuck when revived inside shard battery pads
  • Oscar Mike vs The Battle School: Fixed an issue that allowed the S1.Wolf Sentry to become stuck on buildable turrets

Character Select

  • Fixed an issue that caused all of the icons in the phase timeline of Draft Mode character select styles to display the enemy team color
  • Fixed an issue that caused the chat box to display incorrectly during character select
  • Players cannot initiate a surrender vote during character select
  • Golden Pedestals are visible during character select


  • Gear menu displays correctly
  • Selection team colors are correct during Captain’s Draft Ban and Pick phase.
  • All characters are positioned correctly during character selection


  • Nova’s voiceover lines play after receiving Epic or Legendary Gear regardless of training message settings
  • The „Friendly Sentry Under Attack“ voiceover alert plays consistently

Character FX

  • Caldarius: Basic Skins display properly
  • Kelvin: Effects are visible when Ice Wall is destroyed.
  • Oscar Mike: Stealth Generator screen effects are displayed properly
  • Phoebe: Level 5 Left Helix Augment Passata Sottodisplays damage reduction screen FX when active
  • Toby: Level 7 Mutation Self-Destruct Sequenceeffects play consistently

Miscellaneous FX

  • Super Minions: Fixed an issue with the mortar explosion effects that made it difficult to see in larger barrages
  • Shepherd Minions: Fixed an issue that made the death effects appear incorrectly


  • Operation Bundles are not available for Platinum Currency purchase if you have already purchased the Season Pass
  • Fixed an issue where the XP and Loot Booster bracelets would not display properly after teleporting back to base
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some challenges from incrementing correctly when playing against Bots
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to stun friendly Thralls and Minions
  • Tie-Breakers are consistent with in-match scoreboard statistics
  • Fixed an issue with the Largest Killing Spree stat for each character
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Battleborn icon to disappear from the taskbar after using the Alt-Tab or Alt-Enter keyboard shortcuts
  • TheUnfriendly Fire challenge increments when team members kill enemies
  • Fixed an issue that caused Thrall to deal unintended amounts of damage to players with their Mortar attack
  • Fixed an issue that caused some text to appear in a different language than the system language



  • El Dragón: Added En Fuegoeffect description to his primary attack
  • El Dragón: Updated the description of En Fuegoto clarify that it increases attack speed and damage
  • Galilea: Added the duration of the movement speed increase to the description of Level 9 Right Helix Augment Tideturner
  • Marquis: Updated the description of Level 4 Left Helix Augment Time Killerto display the appropriate amount of damage per second
  • Oscar Mike: Added the temporary damage boost duration to the description of Level 1 Left Helix Augment Sneak Attack
  • Reyna: Updated the description of Level 5 Left Helix Augment Improvised Tacticsto match the functionality
    • For as long as Failsafe is active, all of Reyna’s active skill cooldowns are reduced. Up to -2 Seconds Cooldown Time
  • Toby: Updated the description of Level 10 Left Helix Augment Charged Blasts to accurately reflect that it adds a knock-back toCore Discharge


  • Added text to specify legendary effects that are Operations exclusive
  • Eye of the Storm: Updated legendary effect description for clarity and consistency
  • Peril-Sensitive Pauldrons: Updated legendary effect description for clarity and consistency
  • Petrified Dragonfeather: Fixed a grammatical error in the description
  • Predator’s Step: Updated legendary effect description for clarity and consistency
  • Silverback Hydebear Hide: Updated legendary effect description for clarity and consistency
  • Vacuum Energy Converter: Updated legendary effect description for clarity and consistency

Character Select

  • Changed the text displayed while waiting for all players to join character select from „Preparing for Battle“ to „Waiting for Other Players

Battleborn erschien am 3. Mai 2016 für die PlayStation 4.

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