BLOODBORNE – Patch 1.07 erschienen

Für das Spiel Bloodborne ist der Patch 1.07 erschienen. Wir haben die Patchnotes für euch.

Mit unglaublichen 9 GB kommt der Patch daher. Dieser Patch bringt in erster Linie das Ligasystem mit.


  • New „Covenant“ — The Federation

This is the covenant of the hunters that share the objective of the „Federation“. You can meet Valtir, leader of the Federation, and join the Federation by talking to him when available.

The Federation will be available in the hut next to the first shortcut in the Forbidden Forest, next to the first lamp.

You will receive an item after each successful multiplayer session — an „insect“. Your ranking within the Federation is determined by how many insects you have crushed.

  • Additional NPC Co-op Partners

It will be possible summon NPC phantoms of Federation members in several areas.

Old Hunter NPCs will now be available to for summon in both the Chalice Dungeons and the base game. After you meet certain criteria, you will be able to purchase the „Ancient Summoning Bell“ in the Hunter’s Dream. Using this item will consume insight and will allow you to summon the phantoms of certain Old Hunters throughout the game. It should be noted that you can only have a maximum of two summoned NPC phantoms at one time. Summoning a real player will reduce that amount to one and so on.

  • Changes in the Chalice Dungeons

Non-root Chalice Dungeons will now have have a standardized glyph that will open the way for far more co-op and pvp opportunities. You should now be able to connect to players exploring the non-root/story dungeons without needing to meet with them via their unique glyph. However, you will still be able to create these non-root dungeons with a „unique“ glyph if you wish to not participate in random co-op and PvP.

  • Changes in Co-op Partner Illusions

If you are the player using a summoning bell, you will now have the option to see phantoms or ghosts of other players also searching for co-op or multiplayer.

Plays who are searching for co-op or multiplayer will now display ripples on their phantom, indicating that players in the area are searching for each other. Please note that you can only see the ripples on phantoms that are within summoning range of your character.

We have also implemented some other changes and improved the matchmaking to some degree.

Thank you.

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