Bungie Bounty – PRIMEGUARD Edition

You’ve heard of PRIMEGUARD. Haven’t you? Their story as a clan is intertwined with our game. They were an ambitious upstart before we launched Destiny. After calling the shot, one of their Raiding parties was the very first to rob the Vault of Glass of its treasures. Now, they’re just happy to be a good bunch of guys who love a good romp through the Crucible.

We’re still going to bait you to hunt them down and make them pay, though. They have it coming (we have it coming). After all, you always hurt the ones you love.
And you’re going to help us.
CLASH – The Dark Below
Wednesday, February 25th
6:00 – 8:00 PM Pacific
PlayStation 4
Enter matchmaking. If the fates choose you to fight them, you’ll have a chance to win an emblem that we reserve for the bounty hunters. To match skills and wits with our special guests, two of our own prime Guardians will be on their team. For the winners:
Here is your target package:
The last two combatants on that roster are *PVP Testers at Bungie. They hold court in the playtest lab where we weigh all of your fiercest debates about the competitive sandbox. Think you can best the guys who cave in our heads with their gauntlets to keep us honest?
Find them and defeat them. If you can’t participate, you can always watch. We’ll be streaming the results on Twitch and passing along some of your best taunts from the chat window.
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Viktor Kaczmarek
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