DEADLY DAYS – das umfangreiche Weihnachts-Update ist verfügbar

Assemble Entertainment und Pixelsplit freuen sich bekannt zu geben, dass das einzigartige Zombie-Survival-Rogue-Lite-Game Deadly heute das umfangreiche kostenlose Weihnachts-Update spendiert bekam. Das kostenlose Update bringt nicht nur passend zur Jahreszeit Weihnachtsinhalte ins Spiel, sondern auch noch jede Menge neuen Content, wie etwa neue Fähigkeiten, eine große Überarbeitung des Daily Modes, neue Überlebende, neue Waffen und neue Items!

Im folgenden haben wir für euch die englischsprachigen Patch-Notes zum Deadly Days Update 1.3:

Daily Mode – Deadly Edition

We think our daily mode was quite fun already, but we completely overhauled it, in order to add much more replayability and variety! We added over 35 different modifiers that make each daily run unique (by choosing 3 of them randomly). Be warned that very difficult challenges may await you.

Please note that we cleared all the daily scores for today before the release. So you have another chance to die today :

Content, Content, Content!

You can find new powers, items, weapons and characters.

The new powers are: Lifesteal and Dog squad. Lifesteal gives your characters temporarily the ability to heal when damaging. Dog squad… take a look at it yourself.

New survivors also appeared in the world of “Deadly Days”. Nobody knows where they came from, but Elkman helps all your survivors being faster when moving. And then there is Casanova. He falls in love with another survivor. Together they are double as strong. But as soon as the loved one of Casanova dies, Casanova will die too. Sad, right?

Survivors also need new weapons. Say hi to the spear and the crossbow. The spear is a long ranged melee weapon. The crossbow is a new legendary weapon with different bolt properties (exploding, freezing, etc.).

You can also find two new items: Handheld console and Spare wheel. The handheld console will temporarily buff your survivors each time they level up. The spare wheel will improve your outcome when looting cars.

Christmas Theming

Sure we also added some Christmas flair to the game 😉

Other changes

  • Improved: UI for difficulty selection

  • Improved: Some small performance optimizations

  • Fixed: In the factory interactions with stuff from the next room were possible (thanks @Exorcismus)

  • Fixed: Berserk could lead to giant survivors (thanks @ilias)

  • Fixed: Dog behavior sometimes got confused (“Rudi” item)

  • Fixed: Oktoberfest power upgrade didn’t work properly

Deadly Days ist seit dem 19. September 2019 als Vollversion für den PC bei Steams erhältlich.

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