FORMEL 1 2016 – umfangreicher Patch angekündigt

Für die PC Spieler hat heute Codemasters einen umfangreichen Patch veröffentlicht, welcher auch demnächst für die Playstation 4 erscheinen wird. So soll die Lightbar des Controllers sich den Farben der Flaggen anpassen. Wir haben mal die vorläufigen Patchnotes für euch:

Please find below the fixes contained in this patch:

Game Additions

·         Added the fuel remaining level next to the fuel mix setting in the MFD

·         Added the ability to chose whether to select a front wing change during pit stops

·         Added ability to alter fuel mix levels during the race start procedure.

·         Added braking telemetry to ghost car DRL within Time Trial

·         Added HUD area adjustment option.


PC Specific Fixes

·         Setting Benchmark mode to loop will now loop the benchmark.

·         Improved framerate when running the career hub in 4K and using the laptop.

·         Fixed an issue where the Low Detail graphical preset was displayed as Custom in the advanced Setup menu

·         V-sync Interval now fades out when v-sync is set to OFF

·         AMD – Crossfire – Fixed an issue that resulted in vehicle reflections causing cars to flicker when set to HIGH or above

·         Fixed an issue where some players were not receiving their pre-order bonus features.

·         Steam multiplayer region filter expanded to worldwide.

·         G27 steering wheel is now recognised.


General Multiplayer


·         Players on pause during multiplayer races are now driven at the speed level of the chosen AI and ghost to avoid accidents.

·         Safety Car icon has been added to the mini map in online multiplayer races.

·         Fixed a hang where a user JIPs into a session as its transitioning to a race.

·         Fixed an issue where JIPing into a practice session, quitting and rejoining prevents the player from taking control of a car.

·         Fixed an issue where game assets fail to render correctly when a client spectates an ongoing multiplayer qualifying session.

·         Fixed an issue where the AI refused to overtake a paused player during online sessions.

·         Added an icon next to the player nametag to indicate when the AI has taken control of another player in online multiplayer.

·         Fixed an issue where players could spawn in on top of each other on the grid if both players receive a 5 place grid penalty in practice

·         Fixed an issue with an incorrect position indicator on the formation lap after a driver is reset to grid.

·         Fixed an issue in multiplayer championship in which the client’s setup is forgotten after a reboot.

·         Fixed an issue where if a host left an OSQ session their ghost was the only vehicle visible for all clients and results were showing them in 1st place.

·         Multiplayer Championship – Auto save feature enabled when player client joins session.

·         Fixed an issue where accepting an invite on the race results was failing to take user into the game lobby.

·         Added option for clients to save Multiplayer Championship after host migration

·         Fixed an issue where an absent player vehicle was retiring at the start of a practice session, preventing the player dropping into multiplayer championships

·         Fixed an issue where drive through penalties were not being enforced after a Formation Lap

·         Fixed an issue where if a player quits/is disqualified from an online practice or longer qualifying session, many AI were not setting a lap time at all

·         Added ability to kick player in Online Championship if they don’t have a vehicle.

·         Various other bug and stability fixes.


General Game

·         Fixed AI vehicles blocking cars on hot laps in qualifying and practice sessions.

·         Fixed AI vehicles suddenly moving off the inside line of corners and causing collisions

·         Improved AI ability to recover to track after being involved in crashes.

·         Made changes to the AI to improve overtaking along straights.

·         Improved AI ability to race closer in corners without backing out of moves.

·         AI vehicles are now able to reliably keep within the Safety Car delta times.

·         Updated safety car release frequencies to result in SC being deployed more often.

·         Updated safety car severity release frequencies – More likely to be released for the more severe accidents.

·         Practice Sessions – Re-balanced tyre management tests.

·         Improved performance and framerate within the career mode hospitality suite.

·         Fixed an issue in qualifying where the player was given new vehicle for Q2 after terminally damaging their car during Q1.

·         Fixed a crash in a 100% race replay at Singapore.

·         Fixed an issue where drive through penalties were not being enforced after a Formation Lap.

·         Fixed an issue where marbles were not sticking to tyres when driving over them on the outside of corners.

·         Fixed sector times incorrectly displaying purple on the timings screen in practice and qualifying.

·         Fixed an exploit in full qualifying where you could move up the grid after Q1 by advancing to race.

·         Fixed an issue on the strategy screen where it was possible to leave a gap in the race strategy.

·         Fixed an issue where no response was heard after requesting driver in Front or driver behind status update.

·         Fixed an issue where time trial laps that were penalised are appearing as legitimate times. –  Please note this requires a leaderboard wipe to remove penalised lap times.

·         Leaderboards now display total players and ranking position.

·         Fixed a crash when attempting qualification pace practice program in FP2 and FP3.

·         Fixed a crash when selecting flashback after entering the pits.

·         Stopped the game forcing players to serve stop-go penalties whilst under safety car conditions.

·         Altered formation lap start procedure so users do not think they are starting the race.

·         Season objectives for teams in career now update at the start of a new season depending on previous seasons performance.

·         MFD – Extended the strategy timer to 30 seconds.

·         Sparks VFX is now played for plank collisions with track surface.

·         BRAZIL – PIT LANE – Speed limit sign now matches 80Kph speed limit.

·         AUSTRALIA – Pit Lane – Speed limit sign and pit limit OSD now match at 60Kph

·         Stability improvements for all game modes.

·         Various other bug and graphical fixes.

·         Various audio issues fixed and re-balanced.

·         Further updates to name filter in career mode.

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