GHOST RECON WILDLANDS – Patch 1.12 veröffentlicht

Ubisoft hat heute für Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands den Patch 1.12 veröffentlicht.

Der Patch ist 9,560GB groß und im folgenden haben wir für euch die englischsprachigen Patch-Notes:

Ghost War mode

Thermal Vision perk balancing changes

We had the time to iterate on the thermal vision design and were able to find a fix that we believe won’t need to be furthered addressed. The temporary fix that we communicated about earlier proved after testing that it wasn’t very effective, and didn’t perform well enough technically speaking to be an actual solution.

Now, the Thermal vision perk will only be available to Support classes only (as opposed to being available for everyone) and can only be used while operating the drone. This also meant that we needed to take a Support exclusive perk and exchange it with the Thermal Goggles perk, so we moved Quick Hands to the multiclass category. Please let us know your thoughts about this change.

Campaign mode

We fixed a bug where some players got stuck on a “refreshing content” pop-up window when trying to join Narco Road or Fallen Ghosts.

PC version

Some players who had uninstalled EAC were receiving an error popup preventing them from launching the game. We added a fix to reinstall EAC to prevent this error from coming again.


Not part of the patch, but this has also been improved server-side and is already effective: Matchmaking. We saw the debates going on about the difference of levels in matchmaking and had a closer look at our matchmaking criteria.

The reason why the game matches players with different levels together is because matchmaking is done based on players’ Match Making Rating instead of level. MMR is basically a value representing the player’s skill and goes up and down depending on their win/loss ratio. At level 1, because the players haven’t won or lost a match yet, they are assigned a default rating value upon which we apply our MMR calculation algorithm (based on the Glicko-2 rating system) depending on round outcomes and also their own team’s and the opposing team’s MMR.

Before our fix, the starting MMR was higher than the average MMR of all the players, which translated into high chances of matching a level 1 player with a much higher level player. We already implemented a fix for this, meaning we lowered the starting MMR value below the global average MMR. With this fix, there will still be a chance for a level 1 player to match with higher level players, but their skill will be significantly lower, so matches will be more balanced.

Player progression

We also noticed that the player progression from level 1 to 50 seemed to be much slower than we had anticipated. Based on our current estimations, we’ve managed to reduce the total time needed to reach level 50 to a much more comfortable amount so players will progress quicker.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands erschien am 7. März 2017 für Xbox One, PlayStation 4 und Windows PC. Unseren Test zum Spiel findet ihr hier.

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