GRAVEL – Patch 1.05 erschienen

Bandai Namco und Milestone haben dem Off-Road Racer den Patch 1.05 spendiert. Wir haben die ausführlichen Patchnotes des knapp 800MB großen Updates für euch.

Die Patchnotes nennen einige Verbesserungen, die auch ab sofort für PlayStation 4 verfügbar sind.

-Fixed active gameplay commands enabled in Game Options from the Online Pause Menu.
-Fixed incorrect music transition when leaving the online lobby
-Fixed minor issues in Game mode description for Capture the Flag and King in several languages
-Fixed duplicate wooden fences in Namibia layouts
-Fixed UI for unlocked tracks/liveries on the Rewards page at the end of Championship events
-Fixed an issue where the game entered an unresponsive state when exiting the Replay in specific layouts
-Fixed minor framerate stutters in Alaska layouts
-Fixed an issue where the outer wall did not completely block the area in Iceland online arena
-Fixed starting camera in Replay for Stadium tracks
-Fixed an issue where an incorrect element was displayed below the Hummer H3
-Minor fixes in poser objects position in Namibia layouts
-Fixed an issue where an incorrect position may be displayed at the end of Time Attack events
-Fixed an issue where opponents may not be displayed in the minimap
-Fixed an issue where the game may remain stuck if failing to load the vehicle in the background of the Main Menu
-Fixed an issue where the game may display incorrect result positions and timings after online matches
-Improved detection of high-speed manoeuvre to avoid interruption from small bumps
-Improved post process effects in every track
-Improved the running start position for Las Vegas in Time Attack modes
-Improved water and raindrop particles effect on screen in rainy weather and when crossing streams
-Improved UI for Championship Winner page in Championship events
-Improved track loading images for online matches
-Improved warning message for Restart in Weekly Challenges
-Improved shadows for helicopter
-Improved difficulty tuning for Smash Up events
-Improved tuning for default laps in online matches
-Improved tuning for timers during online matches
-Changed gap time in Leaderboards to reference the first time instead of the previous position one
-The Winner event in online matches is now displayed for a longer time
-Vote is now automatically casted at random if timer ends in public voting for players which did not vote
-Introduced a HUD option to remove the display of the Show Points combo counter
– Introduced a blinking effect to vehicles after Respawn and when in a not-collidable state
-Introduced a random balloting phase after voting in online matches
-Improved cast distance for shadows
-Introduced support for 21:9 resolutions
-Introduced support for Triple Screen configurations
-Improved UI display for 16:10 resolutions

Damit wird Gravel nun noch ansehnlicher, den in unserem Test konnte das Spiel grafisch bisher nicht überzeugen.

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