GUNS UP! – Patch 2.20 erschienen

Valkyrie Entertainment veröffentlichten für ihr Free-2-Play-Spiel Guns Up! den Patch 2.20.

Wir haben wie immer die Patch-Notes für Euch in englischer Sprache:

  • Features
    • 2 new Trophies
    • Alliances
      • Create groups of up to 35 players
      • Live chat rooms and bulletin announcements that are only accessible by your alliance
      • Set member ranks, allowing varying levels of alliance control
      • Alliance Banner that’s displayed as part of each member’s player profile and placard
    • Command Card: Training Grounds
      • Tent spawn time reduced by 10%
    • Added additional Player Level icons
      • 56-60,65,70,80,90,100
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    • Added Help screen to Missions menu


    • Made an improvement to the variety of bases being seen in PVP in instances where there are several highly active players in a specific difficulty range
    • Adjusted the rate at which specific units gain veteran status
      • Ranger: -10%
      • Colonel: +5%
      • Engineer: -10%
      • Flamer: -25%
      • Bombardier: -30%
      • Chemist: -40%
      • Medic: -5%
      • Paratrooper: -30%
      • Merc: -10%
      • Grunt: -15%
      • Rocketeer: -10%
      • Sergeant: -10%
      • Riot: +50%
      • Assault: -20%
      • Surgeon: +10%

    Bug Fixes

    • Fix for the transport truck not progressing past walled-in structures
    • Fix for an issue in which the Poison Bullets perk caused units to stop dealing damage entirely
    • Fix for defend wave progress getting reset back to Wave 1
    • Fix for units not being able to deal damage when standing to close to each other (or structures)
    • Fix for Missions and Medals not showing progress notifications until the unit or structure that made progress on the mission has been killed or the match ends
    • Fix for customization menus not lacking certain button prompts
    • User is now taken to the Build Store when selecting a structure they are out of in the Build Inventory
    • Fix for the “Climbing the Ranks” Trophy not unlocking until level 26 if the title was closed before receiving the Trophy upon reaching level 25
    • Fix for the title occasionally hanging at the “Loading User Services…” process after crashing at the end of a PvP match
    • Fix for replays giving no indication of the battle result in instances of surrenders or timeouts
    • Fix for the Veteran Squad overlapping attacker loadouts when previewing replays

Guns Up! erschien am 9. Dezember 2016 für die PlayStation 4.

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