HOMEFRONT: THE REVOLUTION – Patch 1.06 erschienen

Deep Silver hat heute den Patch 1.06 für das Spiel Homefront: The Revolution veröffentlicht. Der Patch wiegt 2,545 GB und wir haben die Patchnotes für euch:

We are excited to announce that the first of two new missions will be joining Resistance Mode today!

“Three Birds” and “Triage” will be added today in patch 1.06 on all platforms, which will also see other fixes and improvements as part of our continuous post-launch support. And as promised, these and all future Resistance Mode missions will be available to everyone for free.

Full Patch 1.06 Notes:
– Resistance Mode Map Pack #1 – 2 new missions, titled „Triage“ & „Three Birds“ are included
– Fix for missing map icons in Ashgate
– Fix for a vehicle blocking the SAM launcher convoy
– Performance optimisation on the mini map
– Save stall optimisation
– Autosave disabled on revive
– Animation performance optimisation
– Lighting optimisation
– Vehicle creation optimisation
– General bug fixes in Resistance Mode
– [PC] Fix for multiple binded keys being changed
– [Xbox One] Achievement fix for ‚Oh A Piece of Candy‘

Three Birds

The KPA are using their Duster drones as weapons of terror against the civilian population. We have to show people the Resistance can protect them. We believe the Dusters are operating out of Elmtree, we need to find them and destroy them.



Resistance hospitals are in desperate need of medical supplies. Your team is being sent to rendezvous with the Eagles in enemy territory and recover supplies, just don’t expect the KPA to stand by while you do it.


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