PALADINS – Patch 1.46 ist online

Die Hi-Rez Studios veröffentlichten heute den Patch 1.46 für ihren Ego-Hero-Shooter Paladins

Der Patch ist 145,5MB groß und wir haben für Euch die Patch-Notes.

Open Beta 65 Patchnotes | Paladins und Freunde

Paladins und Freunde

Open Beta 65 Hotfix | 7. Februar

Controller changes [CONSOLE ONLY]
  • Major updates to Turn Acceleration and Aim Assist
  • New default settings for sensitivity, turn acceleration strength, and turn acceleration mode (this has been updated for all existing players as well)
  • New Options: Aim Assist Magnet Strength and Aim Assist Friction Strength
“We’ve made a number of adjustments to Turn Acceleration and Aim Assist in order to improve our controller experience. We’ve also updated our default setting and added two new options. Magnet Strength will allow players to reduce the amount they are being pulled towards enemy champions, and Friction Strength will allow players to reduce the intensity of the friction zone around enemy champions.”

Bug fixes [PC & Console]

  • Fixed an issue with Evie Blink sometimes delaying teleport
  • Fixed an issue where Ruckus Miniguns would pause firing while using Missile Launcher

Paladins ist seit dem 18. Dezember 2016 für die PlayStation 4 verfügbar.

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