PALADINS – Patch 1.47 veröffentlicht

Die Hi-Rez Studios veröffentlichten heute den Patch 1.47 für ihren Ego-Hero-Shooter Paladins

Der Patch ist 123,8MB groß und wir haben für Euch die Patch-Notes.

Open Beta 65 Patchnotes | Paladins und Freunde

Paladins und Freunde

Open Beta 65 Hotfix #5 | 12. Februar


  • Fixed Aim Acceleration setting not applying to Dynamic
  • Slightly increased friction to all Champions
  • Added Vertical Magnetism to all Champions


“We’ve removed the old aim assist system in favor of a friction/magnetism system that is more in line with modern FPS console games. With this system in place players should have an easier time acquiring and staying on a target without having the feeling that their aim is „being pulled“ when another enemy comes into or crosses their view. The bugs associated with the friction/magnetism sliders that were introduced in the last hotfix have also been addressed so players now have the ability to turn these settings off completely.”

Paladins ist seit dem 18. Dezember 2016 für die PlayStation 4 verfügbar.

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