PLANTS vs. ZOMBIES 2 – Trouble in Zombopolis: Part One Update angekündigt

PopCap und Electronic Arts haben heute für den Sommer ein weiteres großes Update angekündigt. Dieses bringt weitere kostenlose Features mit sich.

So werfen wir einen Blick auf die Patchnotes des im Sommer kommenden Updates:

New Features

  • Added the new Herbal Assault Map and capital city for the zombies, Zombopolis – now featuring an all-new Mini-Boss Battle
  • Added two new characters to collect:
    • Breakfast Brainz: He smells as good as he fights!
    • Toxic Citron: Rolls into battle with his toxic toxicity!
  • Numerous tuning and balancing updates, including improving Sunflowers’ damage output, damage reductions for Electro Brainz and more
  • Added a Zany Zombopolis Pack with over 1,200 all-new crazy customization items
  • Added Leaderboard improvements to keep track of your friends’ accomplishments, as well as your own
  • Updates to the Boat Blast Mini-Game. Head to the docks in the Backyard Battleground to check out the updates, including the improved Boat Blast Leaderboards: Compete with friends for the highest score in Boat Blast
    • Note: you still need to qualify for the Mini-Game by completing the three initial Boat Blast quests
  • Added Legendary Background to Legendary Items in the Customization Menu
  • Added item rarity to borders in the sticker book
  • Story Quests no longer appear in the Players Quest Log when all Story Quests have been completed
    • Allows players to hold two extra Quests
  • Added some audio stingers during reloads for some Party Characters
  • AI now runs back to defend the flag if enemies are capturing it in Flag of Power Mode
  • Added wave number information to HUD between waves
  • Legendary Characters get some health back when triggering their Legendary Mode in low health
  • Added a bind key on PC for Drone Self Destruct
  • Added Aqua Center Quests to Quest Board

Critical Fixes

  • Numerous stability improvements
  • Fixed issue where players in game groups would occasionally not hear music upon joining Ops Mode
  • Fixed issue where Infinity Time Match would not start due to Privacy Settings
  • Fixed issue where players would lose functionality in Infinity Time looting area if time was destabilized by the Gnome King
  • Additional stability improvements to Infinity Time Mode
  • Fixed some latency conditions when players would enter the server
  • Fixed rare issue where Quest Board would sometimes leave players in a hang after accepting Quests
  • Fixed issue where players would sometimes lag in the Backyard Battleground when Gnome Cave would open
  • Fixed occasional crash when accessing Leaderboards

General Bug Fixes

  • Made some additional Hit Detection improvements
  • Made some minor performance improvements
  • Fixed issue where sometimes music wouldn’t play between waves
  • Fixed timer issue when extra time was not being awarded when lowering bridge in Time Park Map
  • Added V/O for idle animations to all characters
  • Fixed camera going into an unwanted orientation when Kernel Corn uses Husk Hop from an elevated position
  • Fixed issue where Superhero bobble heads wouldn’t make noise
  • Fixed issue where the default region would occasionally be set incorrectly
  • Fixed exploit when the drone could enter Crazy Targets when started by another user
  • Fixed Gnome Bomb issue where Gnome Bomb location would not be shown to the player that joined in-progress
  • Fixed issue where XP scoring would not properly trigger for players in Suburbination Mode, when multiple players capture a point simultaneously
  • Fixed several instances of audible popping while playing the game
  • Fixed bad frame when selecting Solo Play from the Backyard Battleground
  • Fixed issue where characters would sometimes play taunt after entering Pots and Bots UI
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the last Zombie would not spawn in the Retrieve the Chickens Bonus Challenge
  • Fixed issue where only the host would see the ‘Game Over’ message after losing the flag in Flag of Power Mode
  • Fixed issue with Air Horn audio not playing when a match is won during overtime
  • Fixed issue where difficulty would change when a player joins other players’ Backyard Battleground
  • Fixed issue where Infinite-Ammo would not apply to some characters when using Crazy Settings
  • Shared vanquish now counts when assisting in the vanquish of Zen Sensei
  • Fixed incorrect character names showing in several instances when playing Solo-Ops
  • Fixed issue where revive audio would continue to play after player is vanquished mid-revive
  • Fixed some matchmaking enhancements to ensure players are matchmaking to closest region server
  • Fixed Break all Vases Bonus Challenge in Garden Ops on Boney Island where it sometimes wouldn’t complete properly
  • Fixed objective UI not appearing during Turf Takeover sessions for players that join in-progress during that Mini-Game
  • Fixed UI issue where ability bar would flash every time an ally would spawn
  • Fixed issue where Flag of Power XP modifier would carry into Ops, if launched during an active Flag of Power Mode
  • Fixed some stat tracking issues with Healing category on Stats Board
  • Fixed issue where players who didn’t open chests at end of Infinity Time would not be auto-granted their loot
  • Fixed multiple Boss Spawn sequences in Aqua Center Map
  • Fixed exploit where players would throw a chili or sombrero bean into the targets area – resetting Crazy Targets before exploding
  • Fixed issue where primary player in Split Screen had stars removed from their inventory, when the second player used the Star Fish to earn XP
  • Added more audio to countdown timer in Turf Takeover to signal to players the match is nearing its end
  • Fixed issue where music would stop playing in Infinity Time if one player gets vanquished
  • Fixed UI issue where secret note in Backyard Battleground would be shown to both players when in Split Screen
  • Fixed issue where Hidey could be destroyed by several abilities in Backyard Battleground
  • Fixed issue where player is no longer randomly teleported at end of a Boat Blast Mini-Game
  • Fixed matchmaking issue where a non-friend was able to join your HUB under certain conditions
  • Fixed issue where Pop Smarts no longer spawns on the ground for the legendary Pop Smarts Hat
  • Fixed a few instances where characters would fall off the end podiums in Herbal Assault Mode
  • Fixed UI when the trophy art wasn’t being displayed when Plants would win Team Vanquish Mode
  • Fixed Legendary Orbital Cube Hat for Scientist where the red dot VFX appeared under the character
  • Fixed Sticker Shop UI staying on the screen when the host enters a match from Backyard Battleground
  • Fixed a few issues where AI wouldn’t spawn in some Ops Bonus Challenges
  • Fixed issue where switching Citron to ball form in Customization menu before the model loaded would cause him to look crumpled
  • Fixed Leaderboard UI to correctly show friends’ names in blue
  • Fixed some weapon switching issues with the Butter Hawk in Zero Bark Thirty Mission

Character Bug Fixes:

  • Fix for several characters being unable to trigger impact VFX when shooting Pirate or Engineer on Turrets
  • Fixed a bug where electric arcs were sometimes being applied extra times
  • Scientist Energy Warp is no longer affected by Goatify, Time Snare, Spikeweed, and EMPeach
  • Fixed a bug where the Rock Pea would sometimes apply knockback to enemies
  • Fixed a bug where AC Perry was applying freezing buff twice on impact hits
  • Toxic Chomper no longer deals toxic damage while burrowed
  • Chomper Burrow dispels Turbo Twister damage
  • Fixed a bug where Revive UI wasn’t displaying while All-Star was shooting
  • Fixed a bug where the Scientist’s heal beam wasn’t dispelling while in Energy Warp
  • Fixed issue where some Party Characters were missing bullet-impact audio
  • Fixed VFX for Disco Zombie Ball
  • Fixed animation issue for Kernel Corn where Husk Hop animation would not play properly if used directly after Butter Barrage ability
  • Fixed issue where players could not use abilities for a few seconds after getting hit with Roadie-Z’s primary weapon
  • Fixed animation issue where Junkasaurus would get stuck in running animation if wave ended while using Mega Blaster
  • Fixed issue where for Player Two Rose aimer would not turn red in Split Screen when targeting AI
  • Fixed issue where Vampire flower wouldn’t damage Engineer if critically hitting him while he’s on the Big Bolt Blaster
  • Fixed UI flashing for Party Pirate when using Cannon Rodeo
  • Imp will no longer deal damage when getting knocked back while using Impkata
  • Fixed issue where Imps were only taking primary weapon damage when calling in their Z-Mech
  • Fixed some instances where the critical hit backer wasn’t being displayed
  • Fixed missing controller rumble when captured by Spikeweed/Spiky Spikeweed
  • Fixed issue where Chomp Thing spray wouldn’t cause damage to destroyable objects
  • Added controller vibration to some characters that have charge up primary attacks
  • Fixed Heroic Kick and Sprint Tackle abilities not having impact to the soccer ball
  • Fixed issue where Rose was unable to deal damage to Lil’ Drake’s Flap Shield
  • Fixed issue when boom box VFX would play on Peashooter when Gatling Mode is active
  • Fixed the Cosmic Brainz charge attack not damaging reinforcement crates during Flag of Power
  • Fixed issue where Super Brainz Turbo Twister ability would slow burrowed Chompers
  • Fixed issue where Super Brainz Heroic Kick would not deal damage to boss AI
  • Fixed issue where AI in Solo Ops would not use some alternate abilities
  • Fixed issue where Sunflower was unaffected by Gravity Grenade when using Sunbeam ability
  • Fixed issue where Roadie-Z could not damage some walls
  • Fixed issue where plant AI heroes would not display health bar to Sunflower characters
  • Fixed issue where players were not awarded Mech Vanquish XP event for destroying Imp Mech
  • Fixed issue where Citron would not take damage when hit by All-Star Tackle if in mid-transformation
  • Fixed rare issue where the Potato Mine would not deal damage to Zombies
  • Fixed issue where Butter Barrage and Bigger Better Butter would have friendly fire if Kernel Corn was vanquished at a specific time in the sequence
  • Fixed issue where Impkata and Turbo Twister abilities continued to deal damage while character was getting chomped
  • Fixed issue where Husk Hop didn’t display correctly after warping home in Backyard Battleground
  • Fixed issue where Mech deployment message was playing too frequently
  • Fixed exploit where some abilities could be used immediately again after using the Taunt button
  • Fixed issue with player being unable to use abilities for a few seconds after getting knocked back
  • Fixed issue where Vampire Flower VFX extended to the back of the character
  • Fixed issue where the Husk Hop ability would fire forward after passing through portal or teleporter
  • Fixed animation where Engineer’s arm would clip into body when using jackhammer
  • Fixed issue where Super Brainz Turbo Twister caused too much damage to Super Bean Shield
  • Fixed some VFX issues with Electric Characters that have charge VFX
  • Fixed occasional issue where Iron Citron would block his own shots with shield deployed
  • Fixed issue where Soldier Zombie could reload instantly if using ZPG or Multi Rocket ability after emptying clip
  • Player can no longer be attacked by AI while playing Boat Blast Mini-Game
  • Fixed Chomper burrow transition camera
  • Fixed damage indicator not appearing for opponent when shooting them from behind as Rose
  • Fixed issue where Soldier Zombie AI would sometimes get stuck in ZPG priming animation
  • Fixed issue where Citron could occasionally use Ball Form abilities when in Assault Form

Tuning/Balance Notes

Mode Tuning

  • Super Boss Waves in Garden Ops and Graveyard Ops are now more likely to appear
  • Turf Takeover: Re-tuned the time it takes to capture each base, based off difficulty of capturing specific locations:
    • Great White North:
      • Mini-Game is slightly harder for attackers (Iceblock has six per cent more health)
      • Starting Base defender playable bounds moved further back to avoid spawn camping
    • Moon Base Z: Starting Base defender playable bounds moved further back to avoid spawn camping
    • Zomburbia:
      • Starting defender playable bounds now in-line with the wall to avoid spawn camping
      • Fixed issue with forward attacker spawns not moving attackers closer to the objective after a period of time
      • Fixed missing Rose Turret in objective 5
      • Made interactions during final Mini-Game longer to complete to make it harder for attacking team to win

Character Tuning

Citron Class:



  • Made bone-collision changes to reduce size of Citron’s critical hit area
  • Citron can now fire sooner after coming out of Ball Form
  • Removed movement speed penalty from transition into and out of Citron Ball Form Mode


  • Increased close-range impact damage from 5 – 6
  • Increased explosion damage from 5 – 6
  • Reduced damage falloff start/end distance from 25/35 – 20/30
  • Reduced heat generated when firing so it now takes longer to overheat
  • Reduced reticle bloom

Ice Citron:

  • Increased long range damage from 5.5 – 6.5
  • Reduced heat generated when firing so it now takes longer to overheat
  • Reduced reticle bloom

Electro Citron:

  • Standard Shot: Increased close range/long range damage from 4.5/2.5 – 8/6
  • Mid-Charged Shot:
    • Reduced close range/long range impact damage from 25/15 – 20/10
    • Reduced falloff start/end distance from 30/60 – 20/50
  • Max-Charged Shot:
    • Reduced close range/long range impact damage from 35/25 – 30/20
    • Reduced falloff start/end distance from 40/80 – 30/60

Kernel Corn Class:

Kernel Corn:

  • Increased magazine capacity by 5
  • Reduced reticle bloom
  • Increased accuracy slightly

BBQ Corn:

  • Reduced magazine capacity by 5

Pops Corn:

  • Increased magazine capacity by 3

Mob Cob:

  • Increased damage by 0.5
  • Reduced reticle bloom
  • Increased accuracy slightly

Party Corn:

  • Increased magazine capacity by 5
  • Increased long range damage from 3.5 – 4.5
  • Increased damage falloff start distance from 10m to 20m
  • Reduced reticle bloom
  • Increased accuracy slightly

Rose Class:


  • Increased maximum tracking angle by 5 degrees
  • Increased lock-on distance by 5m
  • Slightly increased reticle to target lock-on angle

Fire Rose:

  • Increased rate of fire
  • Reduced movement speed penalty while charging

Frost Rose:

  • Increased projectile movement speed
  • Increased damage of mid-charged shot from 20-25
  • Increased damage of max-charged shot from 35-40
  • Increased rate of fire

Imp Class:


  • Increased server-side bone collision size to make the Imp slightly easier to hit while he’s moving
  • Reduced initial and regular cooldown times for Mech deploys by 30s
  • Increased stamina for all Mechs by 20s

Z7 Imp/Mech:

  • Increased knockback for Omni Blade
  • Reduced reload time for Omni Blade by 5s
  • Increased homing effectiveness of biotic pull projectile
  • Increased Biotic Pull force so that enemies get pulled in faster
  • Increased blast radius of Biotic Pull projectile so that there’s a better chance multiple enemies will get pulled at once
  • Reduced reload time for Biotic Pull by 5s

Super Brainz Class:


  • Reduced damage absorption for Turbo Twister by 15%
  • Slightly increased Turbo Twister cool down
  • Slightly reduced Turbo Twister movement speed
  • Removed ability to cancel Super Brainz Turbo Twister

Electro Brainz:

  • Significantly decreased damage and range of electric arcs
  • Slightly decreased rate of fire for punches

Captain Deadbeard Class:


  • Added the ability to cancel out of the barrel without lighting the fuse (ability still goes on cool down)

Captain Sharkbite:

  • Reduced explosion damage from 16 – 10

Captain Cannon:

  • Increased projectile movement speed
  • Increased inner blast radius for manual detonation
  • Removed falloff for impact damage

Peashooter Class:

Electro Pea:

  • Increased projectile movement speed
  • Increased manual detonation explosion damage

Chomper Class:



  • Tuned Chomper camera to be closer to the camera in GW1
  • Improved all digestion time upgrade multipliers

Chomp Thing:

  • Chomp Thing now begins to regenerate health almost immediately after taking damage

Sunflower Class:


  • Increased all of Sunflower’s damage by 10-20%
  • Reduced cooldown time for heal and dark turrets by 10s

Mystic Flower:

  • Increased ammo depletion for charged shots

Stuffy Flower:

  • Increased health gained from sun drops from 5-8 per drop

Cactus Class:

Jade Cactus:

  • Reduced magazine capacity by 2
  • Reduced impact damage from 10 – 8.5

Foot Soldier Class:

Tank Commander:

  • Reduced impact damage by 5
  • Reduced reload speed upgrades by 5%

Scientist Class:


  • Increased cool down on Warp by 4s


  • Reduced damage from 40 – 36


  • Reduced magazine capacity from 9-6
  • Reduced projectile distance by 0.5m

Marine Biologist:

  • Reduced damage from 30-25

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