Rocket League – Neuer Patch inkl Map erschienen !

Am heutigen Mittwoch wurde ein neuer Patch von den Psyionix Studios veröffentlicht.
Der Patch 1.04 wurde laut einem Twitter Eintrag vom Entwickler veröffentlicht.
Er bringt uns eine neue Map die auf den Namen Utopia Coliseum hört.
Außerdem wurde der lang ersehnte Spectator Mode mit eingebaut.

Der Patch hat eine Größe von 2,5 GB.

Hier noch die (englischen) Patchnotes :

New Features

  • Added “Spectate” to “Choose Team” menu for “Private Matches”, allowing players the option to watch games rather than participate (3v3 match-type maximum)
  • Added “Utopia Coliseum” Arena
  • Added “3v3 Team Ranked” as a replacement for “3v3 Solo” the Online match queue
  • Added “Vote to Forfeit” button to “Ranked” online matches
  • Added the ability to create or join Private Matches that can be named and/or password-protected
  • Added “Community Flags” sub-section to Garage Items/ Antennas
  • Added “Reset Shot” to Keybinding Options to address errant R1 training reassignment

Changes and Updates

  • “Ranked” matches will no longer start if the game is not full
  • “Ranked” Skill ratings are now calculated on dedicated servers
  • Antennas
  • Saturn” has been renamed to “Planetoid” (because Saturn doesn’t have craters)
  • Up to four Party member’s Battle-Cars can now be displayed on the Menu screens
  • Repaired several “Connect Failure” issue
  • Fixed “Private Match” bug that sometimes caused the “Update Match” settings to disappear for the Party Leader
  • Clearing the “Voice Chat” binding no longer removes the binding for “Reset Training”

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