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SNIPER ELITE 4 – Patch 1.04 erschienen

Rebellion hat heute dem Spiel Sniper Elite 4 einen weiteren Patch spendiert. Wir haben die Patchnotes für euch:

New Content

  • Free Elimination multiplayer mode, available on all existing multiplayer maps.
  • Free Night Woods multiplayer map, supports all competitive modes including Elimination.
  • Support for Deathstorm Part: 1 Inception and Night Fighter Expansion Pack.
  • Updated Trophies


  • Ensured saves don’t occur while the player is in mid-air. Also reduced occurrences of saves next to an exploding vehicle.
  • Vehicles now resume what they were doing previously when restored from a save, and no longer persist with dead targets. Tweaked tank and pillbox vision.
  • Fixed various weapon glitches and bugs to reduce chances of players or AI having no visible weapon, or weapons held in the wrong pose or using the wrong animation. Picked-up weapons now retain their skin if that was not the base model.
  • Scope will no longer allow the player to see through various objects.
  • Fixed binocular reticule glitch in 3D.
  • Standing in a bush no longer awards a foliage kill. Also improved the detection for various other stats and shot callouts.
  • AI now slightly less prone to exploitation by player during investigations. Dead bodies more likely to stop AI running into obvious death-traps.
  • Applied various fixes for corrupt profiles.
  • Fixed issues with various challenges:

        – No Manual Reloading (Allagra Fortress)
– No Tagging (various)
– Melee Ace (Abrunza Monastery)

  • Fixed miscellaneous document on Giovi Fiorini Mansion.


  • Ensured Overwatch characters are restored right way round if starting from a save.
  • Players will be harder to tag through objects.
  • Applied various out-of-world and collision fixes to reduce exploits on all maps.
Artikel erscheint am 14. Februar 2017

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