SPARC – Patch 1.06 ist seit Samstag live

Und es geht immer weiter….anscheinend läuft das VR Sportspiel immer noch nicht rund denn der nächste Patch ist am Start.

CCP Games schraubt weiter an Ihrem VR Titel um den Usern den besten Spielspaß zu vermitteln.
Der nächste Patch ist seit Samstag draußen mit einer Downloadgröße von 646 Megabyte, unseren Test zu Sparc könnt Ihr HIER lesen.
Die (englischen) Patchnotes haben wir natürlich auch :

Gameplay Tuning Changes

  • The projectile now loses a small bit of speed each time it bounces.
  • Strikes now occur when the projectile hits the back wall instead of touching the strike zone.
  • Strikes now have to be deflected away from the strike zone instead of merely touched.
  • Strikes occur based on the size of the projectile instead of only the center point.
  • See details on the projectile and strike changes below.

Other Changes, Fixes, and Improvements

  • New “Sci-Fi” themed character customizations have been added.:
    SciFi14 SciFi23
  • Tuned the haptic (“force”) feedback on catch. It should be easier to know when you’ve caught your projectile without watching your glove.
  • “Players Met” feature on PSN dashboard should now populate with players (not already on your friends list) that you at least “knuckled up” with in a court.
  • Improved animation framerate of other players when playing on a PlayStation Pro.
  • Tuning of various music and sound events throughout the game.
  • Various bug fixes around picking up and throwing the projectile, the projectile or shield rarely being duplicated, or appearing with the wrong color.

Some notes on the ball and strike zone changes:

  1. Bounces slow the ball down: Each time the ball bounces it will lose a small percentage of its speed. This will have minimal impact on a ball that bounces up to 3 or 4 times. It will be more noticeable on the “buzzsaw” with 6+ bounces. This bounce speed bleed affects online play only, NOT challenges. Challenges will not use the bounce speed bleed so leaderboard scores will remain as is.
    • Why are we changing this? We want there to be a cost to the extreme angle, multi-ricochet attacks vs “up the middle” straight shots. The speed reduction on bounces is pretty minimal right now, but it should give players a little more time to react to the crazy bounce attack.
    • Everyone will be affected by this and it is noticeable, but not extreme in any way. We expect this to be a disappointment to players who like lots of crazy ricochets.
  2. Any portion of the ball traveling through the strike gate will trigger the strike gate.
    • Why are we changing this? Previously, the center of the ball needed to travel through the strike gate. This means that a huge double-digit strike ball could appear to go through the strike gate but not trigger a strike. Now, Strikes will be easier to get and a larger multi-strike ball will be more meaningful even when it misses the other player.
    • We expect this to result in more strikes on average.
  3. A deflected ball can still trigger the strike gate – if the projectile crosses the strike gate, it must be deflected such that it does not hit the back wall to prevent a strike.
    • Why are we changing this? Previously, if you deflected a ball, it could not trigger a strike, even if the deflected ball immediately traveled through the strike gate. Our goal with this change is to make it very clear and align with other sports. It doesn’t matter who put it there, if the ball goes through the gate, it’s going to strike.
    • We expect this to be a rare occurrence and it will result in a very few more strikes overall.
  4. The strike is counted only after a ball has traveled through the strike gate and then hits the back wall.
    • Why are we changing this? Previously, the strike gate triggered and the strike was counted immediately upon traveling through the gate. This meant that a player playing far back behind the gate is unable to stop the strike, even if they deflect it successfully. This change aligns us a little more with baseball (the pitcher needs to throw the ball through the strike zone and get it to the catcher) and allows us to adjust the strike gate location in the future without breaking the core mechanics of the game mode.
    • We expect that players will not notice this change during play.

Note: If your game is running without the patch, you will need to exit the game and let the patch finish before being able to play online. Users may see an “Error 910” message if they attempt to play online with the prior version.

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