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TERA – bekam den Patch 1.07 spendiert

En Masse Entertainment veröffentlichte heute für Tera den Patch 1.07.

Der Patch ist 1,577GB groß und wir haben für euch die Patch-Notes:


  • Tera update 1.07 addressed several issues contributing to client crashes and server stability.
  • We identified and fixed a memory leak.
  • Character equipment now displays properly in cutscenes.
  • Tera patch 1.07 fixed lag issues when using USB keyboards.
  • Activating a skill while inspecting another player now cancels the inspection.
  • +12 weapon effects now display in the proper color.
  • Jump animations now display properly to nearby players.
  • The river in Tuwangi Mire now “flows” correctly.
  • Cleaned up effects and UI issues with brawler and slayer skills.
  • Button presses no longer register when using a teleportal.
  • Items in West Allemantheia no longer “disappear” when approached.

Server List

  • Tera version 1.07 fixed an issue where the server list would not display after disconnecting/reconnecting a controller.
  • Fixed an issue where the server list would not display after switching to TERA from the main console menu.
  • Server select now properly displays Queue and Population info.

Title screen

  • Tera 1.07 update added maintenance notifications.
  • Adjusted the promotional window so it’s clearer when multiple promotions are running.
  • Tera update 1.07 added a “Read More” button, which launches a browser window when pressed.

Camera and Audio

  • Fixed various camera and audio issues.

Achievements and Trophies 

  • All trophies and achievements should now display properly.
    • Trophies/achievements previously earned should be awarded retroactively.

Voice Chat

  • Players who cannot voice chat are now displayed as Muted.
  • Voice chat icons now display properly in the raid interface.


  • Tera version 1.07 fixed display issues with player names in the guild menu.
  • Skill icons for the next skill in a chain now display properly.
  • Cooldown times for all skills now display properly after use.
  • Removed stray artifacts when fighting monsters.
  • Group member HP bars now display purple when suffering periodic damage.
  • Character name and Player name/ID now display on separate lines.
  • Tera update 1.07 removed the “Next Page” button on the final page of Achievements.
  • Fixed a display issue with weekly gold rewards for Vanguard Requests.


  • Item level now displays properly in the Group UI.
  • You may now use the D-Pad/analog stick to adjust quantities in the Trade Broker.
  • Tera 1.07 corrected the sale price of Glyphs.
  • Cooldowns of elite status items now display and function correctly.
  • Removed “blinking” effect when using items from inventory.
  • Removed “blinking” effect on etchings.
  • Comparing rings/earrings in NPC shops now functions normally.


  • Fixed an issue where Stepstone Isle story quests were not displaying properly in the UI.
  • Brawlers on Stepstone Isle can now equip gear to complete story quests.
  • Tera update 1.07 added additional channels in Arachnaea.


  • Adjusted resurrection windows to prevent confusion.

Ace Dungeons

  • Tera version 1.07 resized the timer to better fit the UI.

Akasha’s Hideout

  • Akasha’s Obscura now spawns correctly after defeating Karascha.


  • Adjusted kill count display so as not to obscure the map.

Balder’s Temple

  • Fixed an error with the cannon repair window.
  • Cannon targeting window now tracks normally.


  • Players can now use Quick Chat in all battlegrounds.
  • Resized battleground results to better fit the UI.
  • Guide arrows in Corsairs’ Stronghold now display normally.


  • Progress bars no longer extend beyond the UI with Tera 1.07 update.
  • With Tera version 1.07, adding an additive no longer removes the guide.
  • Item details now update properly when switching between patterns.
  • Crafting test availability now displays properly.
  • You can now cancel out of crafting tests without freezing the UI.
  • Using an additive and starting a crafting test now use distinct buttons.
  • When using a crafting table, A/Cross no longer cancels the UI.

Tera erschien am 3. April 2018 für PlayStation 4 und XBox One.

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