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TERA – Patch 1.12 verfügbar

En Masse Entertainment veröffentlichte heute für Tera den Patch 1.12.

Der Patch ist 414,2MB klein und wir haben für euch die Patch-Notes:



  • Achievement seasons/laurels are now active.
  • “Bravery” buff now applied upon entry to dungeons in the leveling range (for non-max level dungeons).
  • Tera 1.12 enabled Race Change Vouchers for gunner characters.
  • Enabled Level 60 Scrolls for gunner characters.
  • Tera version 1.12 adjusted levels at which gunner skills become available.
  • The quest Operation: Overwatch quest is no longer being offered.


  • Tera 1.12 reduced Tier 11 Awakening enchanting costs.
  • Decreased the rate at which crystals are destroyed.
  • Tera patch 1.12 adjusted the stats on Avatar weapons.
  • Increased the quantity of combat consumables granted to new characters.
  • Tera update 1.12 removed the “This Battleground is Ours” quest temporarily, for UI adjustment.

Bug Fixes in Tera version 1.12

  • Fixed dungeon reward box errors.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented players from properly using the gunner’s Burst Fire when holding the skill button to generate continuous fire.
  • Addressed an issue that made the gamepad become unresponsive when a lancer was killed while using the skill Stand Fast in an instance.
  • Tera version 1.12 for PS4 corrected an issue where the “Lock-On Cancel” prompt would not display while lock-on mode is active.
  • Fixed a pointer issue that occurred when moving items from the bank to the player’s inventory.
  • Corrected an issue that was occurring in Shadow Sanguinary that kept the stones from appearing when the first boss used arcane stone pattern.
  • Corrected alignment for class icons and icon decoration in the Group UI.
  • The pointer now displays correctly in the category area of the Crafting UI.
  • Removed purple line that was appearing on the right side of the bank slot menu.
  • Corrected an issue where inventory items were not displaying properly when attempting to add gear and cosmetic items to full parcel slots.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Lock-On Mode cancel prompt and the main menu UI to display simultaneously when players pressed the menu button while lock-on mode is active.
  • Tera 1.12 for PS4 has addressed an issue with the interaction menu being displayed outside the proper distance from the target of the interaction.
  • Players can now properly interact with the quest NPC Randun while on the “Help…” quest.
  • Added fixes for stuttering and crashing issues.
  • Tera version 1.12 added various bug fixes.
  • Added stability improvements.

Tera erschien am 3. April 2018 für PlayStation 4 und XBox One.


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