Here is the list of changes that will be implemented with the hotfix on April 15:
Falcon Lost

  • Fixed an exploit where players could attack the APC without triggering new waves of NPC
  • Fixed a bug where the Weekly Reward for Falcon Lost was not granted correctly
  • Fixed the rewards for Falcon Lost incursion not being received if the group leader had previously completed the mission

Dark Zone

  • Fixed a loophole where players could enter a lower gear score bracket in the Dark Zone

Missing characters

  • Fixed a bug on Xbox One where players could no longer see their characters. Please note that in order to fix this issue, we restored the account data of the affected players to that of April 12, 12pm CEST | 6am EDT | 3am PDT

NOTE: Unfortunately, the Incursion weekly rewards will not be granted this week. They should work as intended concluding next weeks maintenance.