THE DIVISION – Patch 1.16 / 1.7.1 erschienen

Ubisoft haben heute die Aktualisierung 1.7.1 (Patch 1.16) für Tom Clancy’s The Division veröffentlicht.

Der Patch hat eine Größe von 2,768GB und wir haben für Euch die Patch-Notes:


  • The Face Masks vanity rewards are now tied to Global Event Commendations instead of the Leaderboards. Global Event Leaderboards now reward a number of Classified Caches, the amount depending on an agent’s placement on the Global Event Leaderboards once the event ends.
  • Fixed an issue where agents would be prompted with an incorrect reward notification.
  • The first column in both Dark Zone Leaderboards and Global Event Leaderboards will now display Rank even though the text says Position.


  • Fixed a RPM related exploit.
  • Fixed an issue where agents could experience weapons jamming with low-RPM weapons, such as shotguns and marksman rifles.
  • Fixed an issue where an agent could get desynchronized if the agent cancelled the animation of entering cover with a combat roll.
  • Fixed a desynchronization issue which could occur after an agent jumped off a high structure.
  • Fixed a desynchronization issue which could occur during corner swaps.
  • Fixed a desynchronization issue which would occur when climbing off a prop and then quickly going into cover.
  • Fixed another desynchronization issue which could occur if the agent would perform a combat roll before finishing a cover to cover move.
  • Made several improvements in order to prevent various desynchronization issues.
  • Updated the description of the Striker’s set 4p bonus to now state that the bonus will be lost when exiting combat.

Tom Clancy’s The Division erschien am 8. März 2016 für die PlayStation 4.

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