WARFRAME – Patch 1.50 / 22.5.1 ist online

Digital Extremes hat heute den Patch 1.50 bzw. 22.5.1 und somit auch sein neuestes Warframe-Update für PlayStation 4 und Xbox One veröffentlicht.

Der Patch ist 1,353GB groß und wir haben für euch die Patch-Notes:

Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.5.1


Delve into the past with this experimental prototype skin for Volt.

Make sparks fly with Volt Proto’s signature hammer skin.

Volt Proto’s signature Syandana.

Charge up Volt with this collection of items that includes the Volt Proto Skin, Diode Hammer Skin, and Cathode Syandana.
*The Volt Proto Skin Collection is available for purchase in the In-Game Market.

Volt Changes:

Since Volt has a new cosmetic entry, we’ve reviewed some long-requested QoL tweaks to his abilities to go along with it!

  • Added a minimum Duration for enemies affected by Discharge under the ‚coil‘ CC effect. This could allow for possible modding diversity knowing minimum Duration for the ‚coil‘ CC effect won’t fall below 4 seconds.
  • Removed the passive 5 Energy per second drain from Volt’s Electric Shield when moving with it. The 1 Energy per meter drain remains.
  • Increased the base DPS of Discharge (from 450 at max rank to 750).
  • Discharge is now castable in the air.

Stalk enemies with this deadly collection. Includes the Baza submachine gun, Cassowar polearm, and Syrinx armor.

*The Baza Collection is available for purchase in the In-Game Market.


Make easy prey of enemies with this quiet, agile, and pinpoint accurate Tenno submachine gun.

Light and nimble, the twin blades of this polearm will swoop and slice through throngs of hardened foes.

*Baza and Cassowar Blueprints can be researched in your Clan Dojo’s Tenno Lab.

Styled to match the Baza submachine gun and the Cassowar polearm, this armor gives a regal look to any Warframe.


General Additions:

  • A Mastery Rank 25 test has been added!
  • Celebrate the season with a new Winter 2017 Glyph Bundle that includes 6 new Glyphs! They are also available for individual purchase in the Market:
    • Winter Glyph VIII
    • Winter Glyph IX
    • Winter Glyph X
    • Winter Glyph XI
    • Winter Glyph XII
    • Winter Glyph XIII
  • Added 750 Day Daily Tribute Reward, the “Guiding Rose Cache”. This Cache includes:
    • Guiding Rose Glyph
    • Exilus Adapter
    • 3 Day Affinity Booster


  • We discovered a memory allocator bug and made a fix that will address 200 MB of memory. This should slightly improve crash frequency from Cetus to the Plains.
  • To fix Tusk Seeker Drones lingering indefinitely and continuously calling in Grineer Reinforcements (even after you’ve ran far away), the Alarm Drone now destroys itself when you are 100 meters away.
  • Companions now try to get out of your way (ie. behind the player camera) when Spear Fishing/Mining in the Plains.
  • Improved the pathing of the hijacked Drone in the Plains.
  • Made some very simple tweaks to Octavia’s Metronome to improve the performance of the FX, while at the same time reducing a bit of the visual clutter from full rings being around you.
  • Improvements towards performance issues that was caused by lingering (yet invisible) reticles even when the respective weapon was no longer being held.
  • Dropped Sentient Cores now have a minimap icon and in-world marker to display their position!
  • Improvements towards the Chesa Kubrow Retrieve functionality when retrieving items in nearby crates and when in the Plains.
  • Clarified verbiage when buying a Warframe from the Market. Players were confused by thinking they got a Reactor, when really it’s an ‘installed Reactor’.

Bounty Changes and Fixes:

  • Focus Lenses are now rewarded less frequently as Tier 3 and 4 Bounty rewards. This also shuffled around some other Bounty reward frequencies to balance the mix.
  • Fixed not being able to Capture an enemy if you died attempting your first Capture during a Bounty.


  • Fixed being able to Vacuum up the Sky Archwing Enablers in the Plains.
  • Fixed sprint canceling when you Melee with Excalibur’s Exalted Blade, Valkyr’s Hysteria, and Wukong’s Primal Fury.
  • Fixed incorrect coloring on Mirage Prime’s helmet making it appear as a totally different helmet.
  • Fixed having a player join while a session is paused resulting in all players unable to move.
  • Fixed the End of Mission screen upon returning to Cetus from the Plains not showing Affinity gained on not fully Ranked weapons, Warframes, Companions, etc. This was leading to confusion on if you were losing that gained Affinity or if it was simply not displaying it.
  • Fixed not seeing any of your squadmate stats in the End of Mission screen when returning to Cetus from the Plains as the Host.
  • Fixed seeing no extraction marker in the Plains when a squad member transitions to Cetus.
  • Fixed the remaining Client post-Host migration joining the Client who left the squad instead of the new Host in the Plains.
  • Fixed the Zenith disc firing canceling whatever Warframe Ability cast animation you were currently performing.
  • Fixed losing all UI elements if you died in the tunnel upon returning to Cetus from the Plains and the End of Mission screen revived you.
  • Fixed the Sprint toggle being reset when using a Melee weapon which resulted in lost momentum.
  • Fixed a loss of functionality if you equip Whirlwind, Power Throw and Quick Return on your Glaive Prime and cause self-damage.
  • Fixed being able to Switch Teleport Excavators with Loki.
  • Fixed the Kronsh not playing proper Hammer hit sounds.
  • Fixed the Sniper combo counter not ticking down when firing unscoped.
  • Fixed a large amount of dialog missing when replaying Octavia’s Anthem.
  • Fixed Ivara’s Navigator causing Exodia Contagion projectiles to get stuck floating in the air.
  • Fixed not being able to control Exodia Contagion projectiles with Ivara’s Navigator.
  • Fixes towards Exodia Epidemic causing enemies to get knocked down twice and remain permanently inactive.
  • Fixed Fragments in the Codex not displaying which planet you discovered them on.
  • Fixed minimap Mining markers lingering for the Advanced Nosam Cutter when the tool is put away.
  • Fixed minimap Mining markers lingering for the Advanced Nosam Cutter for Clients if the Host has their Cutter out.
  • Fixed Dargyns (and Ogma while its arms are destroyed) being too passive against the Sky Archwing Tenno.
  • Fixed the crosshair and Sniper scope vanishing after using the Nosam Cutter as Limbo.
  • Fixed Sugatras being placed in the middle of the Guandao instead of on one of the ends.
  • Fixed an issue where the distance for a very far waypoint would not include the distance between the target and the last point on the calculated path.
  • Fixed Dual Pistols clipping through Ember/Ember Prime’s leg when equipped with the Vermillion Skin.
  • Fixed a blocking volume blocking your Operator Void Beam in the Mastery Rank 24 test.
  • Fixed Carrier’s smoke FX glowing in the dark.
  • Fixed doing enough damage to an Ancient Healer resulting in a significant performance drop.
  • Fixed Nyx being able to create allied Infested by Mind Controlling a Boiler and then Melee attacking it. This caused an infinite amount of friendly Infested to be spawned from the Boiler spawn pods – which is pretty cool but not intended.
  • Fixed Octavia’s Resonator Roller not animating when rolling.
  • Fixed experiencing a hitch when transitioning to Cetus from the Plains as the Client.
  • Fixed the Capture Target deviating from their normal navigation path and falling into kill volumes (water, etc) in the Plains.
  • Fixed the minimap appearing gigantic when loading into the first mission of the Jordas Veridict.
  • Fixed experiencing a long hitch when viewing your Sigils in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed an invisible blocking volume in an air vent on Venera, Venus.
  • Fixed Zaw energy colours not working.
  • Fixed a missing War Within cinematic.
  • More fixes towards losing from HUD elements when reviving while transitioning from the Plains to Cetus.
  • Fixed a loss of functionality when viewing the pause Menu while transitioning to the Plains from Cetus.
  • Fixed for Chroma Elemental Ward fire & Volt Stunning Speed Augment not canceling out when Transferring to the Operator.
  • Fixed Operator Void Dash triggering Arcane Energize. Arcane Energize is meant to provide a chance to replenish additional Energy for you and nearby allies whenever an Energy Orb is picked up.
  • Fixed using a Pistol with the Mod Targeting Subsystem equipped resulting in the UI suggesting you have a 65506% accuracy buff when hitting an enemy. The high accuracy buff you can gain from Targeting Subsystem is 30%.
  • Fixed Operator not remaining crouched after crouching (would crouch for a couple seconds and then stand up even though you’re still holding crouch).
  • Fixed an issue where starting a looping Emote in Sky Archwing mode and getting knocked out of Archwing would leave you stuck in place with a permanent upper body emote that could be combined with other emotes to great comedic effect.
  • Fixed Loki and Ivara’s cloak FX being extremely bright with certain Energy colors.
  • Fixed Nekros’ Irkalla Skin having incorrectly placed Energy wisps.
  • Fixed a missing Sortie description for Evacuation to Assassination missions.
  • Fixed an issue with a loss of functionality occurring if you had certain menus open while loading into the Plains of Eidolon.
  • Fixed issues with the way Kubrows and Kavats looked in dioramas.
  • Fixed issues with Exodia Hunt pulling in allies.
  • Fixed description on Vigilante Supplies to include all Primary ammo.
  • Fixed various grammar an alignment issues with Ostron lore and writing.
  • Possibly fixed issues with helmets and other customizations disappearing when transitioning into the Plains of Eidolon.
  • Fixed hitscan weapons not ignoring invisible walls and other surfaces that they should be able to pass through even if you have no punchthrough mods equipped.
  • Fixed Glaive Proto skin not showing correctly in Diorama.
  • Fixed inbox text being cut off.

Changes and fixes that are live from 22.3.5 that were missed in the last update’s notes:

  • Increased the Range of two-handed Zaws by 20-25% (Jayap, Kroostra, Seekalla, Plague Bokwin).
  • Tweaked parts of the Yaksha Nezha Skin/Helmet to better match original concept.
  • Fixed the Carrier’s Looter precept not working for some Plains resources like Grokdrul containers.
  • Fixed Companions being unable to pass through doors.
  • Fixed losing functionality if you died while transitioning back to Cetus from the Plains.
  • Fixed Clients not being able to use Operators in Caves.
  • Fixed the Amp crafting preview disappearing upon selecting the Brace.
  • Fixed the Hunter Mod sets not being linkable in Chat or in the Codex.
  • Fixed Gilding a Zaw not resetting the Rank til you return to your Orbiter.
  • Fixed Zaws with Covert Lethality and Exodia Epidemic unintentionally insta-killing enemies. Covert Lethality does not carry over to projectiles or other effects created by weapons and only applies on Melee finishers.
  • Fixed the Hunter Synergy Mod’s +30 Crit-Link stat not displaying anywhere on the Arsenal UI.
  • Fixed using an Emote while entering Archwing resulting in getting stuck in the animation.
  • Fixed some weapon descriptions displaying unlocalized damage type text.
  • Fixed the Incubus Ribbon not applying correctly to Titania with the Titania Unseelie Skin equipped
  • Fixed the Day of The Dead Igaro Syandana and Synoid Syandana not attaching properly when the Mesa Devil Ranger Skin is equipped.
  • Fixed only being able to preview the Cyst on Warframes if you have an infected Warframe equipped at the time.
  • Fixed some low-resolution textures on the Saryn Amalgama Skin.
  • Fixed the Zaw not having a ‘None’ option in Sugatra Attachments.
  • Fixed the Lenz not exploding when shooting an enemy object such as a Grineer door scanner.
  • Fixed entering the Simaris scanning Tutorial without any Synthesis Scanners in your Gear wheel.
  • Fixed the Naru Syandana not animating properly when Aim Gliding.
  • Fixed simultaneously sprinting, sliding, and shooting resulting in your gun ceasing fire after standing up but will resume firing again when you crouch.
  • Fixed being able to equip the Ruinous Extension Mod on the Arca Scisco.
  • Fixed the Arca Scisco not tracking accuracy stats.
  • Fixed a hitch when scrolling through the Plague Star Trophies in the Dojo.
  • Fixed jittering textures when scrolling through the Trophies/Achievements list.
  • Fixed some rocks in the Plains appearing wet when in reality they were dry.
  • Fixed the Surplus Diverters Conclave Mod unintentionally applying to Limbo when entering/exiting the Rift.

Warframe erschien am 29. November 2013 für PlayStation 4, Xbox One und den PC.

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