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F1 2017 – Patch 1.07 erschienen

Codemasters hat heute dem Spiel F1 2017 den Patch 1.07 spendiert. Wir haben die Patchnotes für euch.

Der Patch 1.07 ist 217, 2 MB groß und bringt folgende Änderungen mit sich:

  • Fixed issue where yellow flags persist for the duration of a multiplayer race when a player terminally damages their car and quits the session
  • Fixed issue where players are disqualified for not using the correct tyre compounds when another player rejoins their online session
  • Fixed issue where player is unable to resume a saved online championship from an earlier version of the game
  • Fixed issue where players are unable to load into a session which uses saved lobby settings
  •  Fixed issue where lobby host could hang after changing race length during online season
  •  Fixed issue where penalties could be forgotten after resuming a mid-session save
  • Fixed issue where player is limited to six gearboxes for a season
  • Increased level at which gearboxes suffer faults
  • Various other stability fixes

F1 2017 erschien am 25. August, unseren Test zum Spiel findet ihr hier.

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